Specialist operating filters manufacturer and filtration of liquids and gases. Continuously providing an innovative automatic, duplex and simplex filters as a result of data development and comply with international technical standards.

KOMPAFLEX AG                                                                                          EXPANSION JOINT

Specialised in metallic bellows and expansion joints industry. Piping and auxiliary equipments layout and space saving achievement

  • Selection of best suitable materials according to given applications
  • 3D modelling and piping behaviour analyses
  • Efficiencies in movements and number of cycles
  • Finite Element analyses


Specializes in the design and manufacture of Direct Steam Injection Devices to produce hot water, Desuperheaters to lower temperature of superheated steam, and Static Mixers for low viscosity materials in turbulent flow applications (and / or special gas / liquid contacting applications). Other designs are best suited for processing laminar ow applications such as for the homogenization of polymer melts in plastics extrusion equipment, mixing / dispersing in polymer production (similar viscosity and high / low viscosity materials).


Specializes meet the manufacturing standards set by various international institutions such as the API, ASME, BS, DIN, ISO, AWWA, AFNOR etc. This Valves are also certi ed by API with Certificate Number API6D-1839.

Specially engineered to meet the exacting demands and requirements of the petroleum and chemical industries.


International manufacturing and service organization, that specialises in the design and supply of online; in-line; in-tank and others process analysers for petroleum, petrochemical, environmental, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, marine and power and general chemical industries providing full range of Density Meters, Viscosity Meters, Level Gauges, Flow Meters and various combinations for: Density – Viscosity – Flow – Level solutions.

All instruments are custom designed to suit the application or process and the clients objectives. Custom design ensures that the optimum performance is achieved and that process benefits are maximised.

FLOW ENGINEERING S.R.L                                                                          INDUSTRIAL BURNER

FLOW ENGINEERING BURNER DIVISION S.R.L. born in 2014 as a division of the company FLOW ENGINEERING SRL and has as main objective the provision of INDUSTRIAL BURNERS offering services such as design, construction and maintenance at industrial level in the following areas:

  • Oil and Gas distribution
  • Petrochemical Plants
  • Cement Industries
  • Steel and Metal Industries

In the following applications:

  • Water Bath Heater
  • Gas Heater
  • Air Heater
  • Water Boiler
  • Steam Boiler
  • Incinerator

Flow Engineering designs and creates a lot of different kinds of systems, from small systems to large and complex realizations, with the highest precision in all technical details. Flow Engineering creates, of course, different kinds of electro-instrumental systems, like electric and pneumatic systems for many different contexts: chemical industry, food industry and industry that handle oil, gas and other energy sources.Pneumatic system have the same quality, and these realizations include tubes and junctions, like the important kind called “double ogive”, in different shapes.For all systems, of course, Flow Engineering ensures excellent instrumentation elements.


Born in 1981, the Angioletti Vessel company started with the very definitive aim of gaining a hold upon a specific market. The increasing demand more and more specialistic requests lead the Angioletti Vessel to the development of the key factor of our company identity, a reliable and prompt answer.

V-LOCK ITALIA S.R.L                                                                                            QUICK OPENING CLOSURE

V-Lock Italia SRL quick opening closures cover a range from 2″ to 72″ with Pressure Rating up to 2500 and temperature from -46°C to +315°C. The materials used (forged carbon steel and stainless steel) are fully certified. These components are especially used as closures for pressure plants, QOC closures for oil and gas pipelines. Our equipments are guaranteed for up to 2 years after delivery and 6 months after installation. Providing the modern office and manufacturing plant with operators and qualified welders ASME/EN.

GEORG SCHUNEMANN GMBH                                                                    FILTRATION SYSTEM

Georg Schunemann GMBH has been successfully active for more than 80 years with technical competence and experience in the areas of special valves, fillters and filtration systems. Our products have high quality requirements and are partially used under extreme conditions.